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High School

High School Mission Statement

Bridge Creek High School and Alternative Academy will provide a safe and secure learning environment that promotes personal growth and academic excellence; giving a competitive edge to students to be successful in the global economy.  

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Psychology Students "Ham It Up" with Egg Babies

by Leslie Munhollon

This fall, Psychology students studied about infancy and childhood and the effects of genetics and environment. As part of the unit, students were required to carry egg babies for ten days, treating them, as much as possible, as if they were . . . read more

Psychology Students Use Their Brains

October 7, 2014

This fall, psychology students in Mrs. Munhollon's classes built brain models to reinforce their studies of how the brain functions. A variety of edible mediums were used, including Rice Krispies, brownies, M & M's and cakes. Other . . . read more

Academic Team having stellar season.

November 9, 2013

     The Academic Team competes in Jeopardy style toss up questions and with four students to a team, competing against another team of four students.  Bridge Creek has had good success so far this season finishing . . . read more

Robotics Team Swinging into Full Speed

...Mr. Carr asking for help

May 9, 2013

     My name is Adam Carr, I am teaching the new robotics course at Bridge Creek High School. Over the last two years I have been acquiring resources and skills in order to be able to make this opportunity the most I can . . . read more

Bridge Creek represented well at university scholastic meets

....updated for April 4th, USAO

February 13, 2013

Every spring students are nominated by their teachers to represent Bridge Creek at university scholastic meets across Oklahoma.  Bridge Creek is scheduled to attend four scholastic meets this year: ECU, February 12th, SWOSU, March 28th, . . . read more

Summer Opportunites for Middle School and High School.

Do something really cool this summer.

November 4, 2012

HAVE FUN AND MAKE YOURSELF BETTER Across the state of Oklahoma colleges and universities recruit bright eager minds to participate in camps that focus on providing hands-on experience for a variety of fields of science and . . . read more

"The Bobcat Room" unveiled at Stephenson Cancer Center

Bridge Creek makes big difference in cancer research

By Wedel, Bruce | May 15, 2012

A group of seniors traveled to the Stephenson Cancer Center in OKC to see the examination room that was dedicated to Bridge Creek. The seniors that attended were: (Back Row) Hannah Hayes, Jacob Powell, Stormy Wentzel, Judge Leiter, (Front . . . read more


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